Ubiquiti mFi Motion Sensor - Wall Mount

Manufacturer: Ubiquiti

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For use with mFi mPort hardware and mFi Controller software (included with the mFi mPort).

mFi is a Machine-to-Machine management system from Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. The mFi hardware can be managed and monitored from the mFi Controller software. The mFi Controller software allows you to create rules that trigger actions based on data from your mFi sensors. For example, motion detection could turn a light on, or a high temperature reading could trigger a fan. The mFi platform is compatible with third-party devices, making the options unlimited!


Dimensions: 146 x 66 x 52 mm
Weight: 127 g
RFI Immunity: Avg. 10 V/m (80 to 2,000 MHz)
Detection Range: 10 x 10 m, 110 @ 25 C
Ports: 1 x mFi RJ45 Port
Mounting: Wall Mount Bracket (Kit included)
Mounting Height: 2.3 m Typical
Operating Temperature: -10 to 45 C
Operating Humidity: 95% RH Max.

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Ubiquiti mFi Motion Sensor - Wall Mount

Ubiquiti mFi Motion Sensor - Wall Mount

The Ubiquiti mFi Wall Mount Motion Sensor (mFi-MSW) is a dual-technology motion sensor, using both passive infrared and microwave motion sensors to minimize the likelihood of false detections. It is wall-mountable and designed for security, occupancy detection, resource scheduling, and other smart building applications.

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