VigorSwitch V1281 28 Port A/V Video Switch

Manufacturer: DrayTek

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On the VigorSwitch V1281 the 28 ports can each be set as either a source (input) or output and any output (screen) can then receive the video from any of the inputs. One port is always reserved for data/PC access. In the simplest configuration, you can use the V1281 as a fixed distribution system - one source distributing to up to 26 outputs (screens) but the real power and flexibility is in multiple sources and multiple outputs with each output selecting any of the sources.

A smartphone app or the switch's own web interface allows easy source selection for any of the screens or projectors. The VigotSwitch app is currently available for iOS   and Android as a free download from the App/Play stores.

You can have multiple set-top boxes (cable or satellite receivers), each one tuned to a different channel so, for example, in a pub it's easy to switch different areas to different outputs or in a home environment, a user in any room can select one of many sources.

  • 28 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch for A/V
    • Designed to switch video feeds & data
    • Uses HDMI-to-IP Extenders
  • Two user modes:
    • Select source for each screen or
    • Select instant preset combinations
  • Source selectable from browser or app
  • Intuitive User interface & fast setup
  • Admin & Regular User Accounts
  • Applications include:
    • Smart Home / AV Systems
    • Hotels (Receptions, lounges, rooms)
    • Pubs & Bars
    • Retail & Betting Shops
    • Leisure (Health Clubs etc.)
    • Shopping Centres & Airports

It's suitable for homes, offices, pubs or restaurants or any commercial applications with multiple screens requiring easy distribution and selection.

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VigorSwitch V1281 28 Port A/V Video Switch

VigorSwitch V1281 28 Port A/V Video Switch

The DrayTek VigorSwitch V1281 is a switch designed for distributing IP video feeds from multiple sources (e.g. Set-top boxes, DVD players, media systems, cameras etc) over Ethernet/IP to multiple outputs (TVs, monitors or projectors).