RF connector U.fl the end.

Manufacturer: 4GLte.eu

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Code: U.fl the end.

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Product characteristics:
Using temperature: - 40 degrees to + 90 degrees;
Pattern using frequency: DC - 6 GHZ.
VSWR: 1.3 MAX.
Characteristic impedance: 50 ohm.
Rated voltage: AC60V
contact impedance: 20 m - ohmMAX center (SIG) & 10 m - ohmMAX
GND (external): withstand voltage AC200V

The product scope of application:
* Wireless LAN wi-fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g)/Bluetooth Wireless
* The mini PCI CARDS
* Compact flash CARDS
* Wireless Modem
* Notebook and Desktop PC
* Computer Peripheral
* Digital Cell Phone
* a PDA
* Wireless scanners
* Wireless meters/instruments
* The RF Test points
* Tieline AP antennas

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RF connector U.fl the end.

RF connector U.fl the end.

This is a set of 10 U.FL connector.