RF Cables: Identifying TS-9 and TS-5 (CRC-9)

Published on 2017-07-20

When purchasing equipment online, such as broadband antennas, you will often see warnings about selecting the right connector:

‘This antenna can only be installed on devices with a TS9 connector, please confirm the connector before your purchase.

RF (Radio Frequency) connectors are designed to connect coaxial cables and maintain the same shielding the cable offers throughout the connection. Using the one specified by the manufacturer is important.

Identifying TS-9 and TS-5 (CRC-9) connectors

Two connectors that are very similar, and which often cause confusion as they are both used on external antennas, are the TS-9, and the TS-5 also called the CRC-9. Here we will give you some guidelines on identifying the two connectors.

Both connectors have a similar appearance, with either Gold or Nickel plating which ensures an effective connection and prevents corrosion of the connector.

The TS-5 (CRC-9) connector

The CRC-9 connector is prevalent on devices manufactured by Huawei. It has a circular brass barrel that is nickel or gold plated. The connecting tube at the end of the barrel has slots in the outer casing, and there is a protruding pin that connects with the fitting on the router. The front end of the connector tube has a smaller diameter than the TS-9.

The TS9 connector

The TS-9 connector is similar in appearance to the TS-5 (CRC-9) connector. It has the same brass barrel with a nickel or gold plating, and slots and a pin at the connecting end of the tube.

The key to identifying the two connectors is the connection tube. The tube on a TS-9 connector has a groove that gives a resounding click when the plug is inserted into the receptacle on the appliance. The tube is not a true round circle, and the front of the tube on a TS-9 Connector has a much larger diameter than the TS-5 (CRC-9).


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