What 4G LTE Antenna Should I Choose for My Router?

Published on 2017-06-28

There are various types of 4G LTE antennas on the market at a range of prices. While quality is important, and this is often reflected in the price, suitability to your requirements, how you access the Internet, and your location, should be considered when choosing an antenna.

Indoor v Outdoor 4G LTE Antenna

Whether you use an indoor or outdoor 4G LTE Antenna can depend upon where you get the best signal, the length of any connecting cable, and the logistics of installing the cable.

You will not get the full benefit of 4G if you have an internal antenna with a weak indoor mobile broadband signal. In this situation it makes sense to consider connecting an outdoor antenna, even if installation is more problematic.

The benefits gained in the strength of the mobile broadband signal should more than compensate for the dBi loss due to the additional length of cable used to connect your router to the 4G LTE antenna.

Cable dBi Loss

When choosing which 4G LTE antenna to use for your home or office router, aim to make the connecting cable as short as possible.

If the logistics of the location mean you will have a cable of 9m or more you will lose any benefit gained from having an antenna. In situations where this is unavoidable you should consider using an amplifier to strengthen the mobile broadband signal.

To prevent cable dBi loss you could also consider moving your home or business router to locate it closer to the antenna, rather than locating the antenna in a more convenient position with a weaker signal. If the antenna will be placed on the roof you could move the router to the attic or upper rooms.

There are wall mounted options for antenna, and using a high quality cable, and a high performance 4G LTE antenna, will also help to prevent dBi loss.

For more information on all aspects of choosing an antenna see this article at https://www.solwise.co.uk/4g-lte-antenna-considerations.html

Why 2 4G LTE Antennas Are Needed

To achieve fast Internet speeds, which is what 4G LTE was designed to do, you should use 2 antennas. 4G LTE is a Multiple Input - Multiple Output system, and only by using 2 antennas will you get the full benefit of the MIMO system.

 panorama 4G LTE dual connector    cross shape dual connector 4G LTE antenna

The same applies to user with 4G dongles who are choosing portable, desktop, or indoor antennas. Your 4G dongle should have 2 plugs to enable you to connect 2 external antennas.


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