Mobile Internet While Travelling Abroad and On Holiday

Published on 2017-06-07

Having access to the Internet on mobile devices has become part of our daily lives for business, personal, and social use. Internet access abroad while on holiday or travelling for business can be even more important to us. We need to keep in touch with people, post photos, and use the online services offered to travellers.

Making calls abroad can be extremely expensive, so access to the web and the many VOIP services, such as Skype, are not only useful but money saving as well.

Accessing mobile Internet services abroad using your existing data package can be costly. You may have seen headlines about travellers who were unaware of the tariffs returning home to massive bills. We recommend that you always check the prices for using data in the countries you’re visiting before you travel. 

Even if wi-fi is available, it restricts where you can use your device, many hotels charge for wi-fi, and holiday locations often don’t have the infrastructure to provide a reliable or usable service.

So what’s the best solutions for reliable, low priced mobile Internet access while travelling abroad?

Mobile Internet while travelling – You have two Options:

Option 1: Tethering

Tethering is a standard function on modern phones. It allows you to use your phone as a wireless router. When you use it in your home country, and data transfer costs are economic, this can be a good option.

If you use tethering for Internet access abroad it can be very expensive because it requires you to use data roaming. Tethering could also put you in breach of your mobile contract. The majority of contracts only allow you to use your data allowance for browsing the Internet on our smartphone, not for tethering.

Option 2: 3G/4G LTE Mobile Internet Mi-Fi

3G/4G LTE Mobile Internetcan be accessed via a simple dongle, or a mobile 4G LTE router if you want to share the Internet with other devices.

You can see some examples here at:

This option gives you full freedom to access mobile internet while travelling and is a cost effective solution that won’t leave you with massive bills to on your return.

What to check if going abroad.

Before travelling check your provider’s tariff charges for roaming data. This is especially important if you’re thinking of using the tethering option as the charges could leave you with bills so large it’s all you will remember about your trip.

Also check your mobile Internet router, or USB dongle, if you have one and make sure it’s unlocked so you can use a local data SIM card.

You should check the frequencies used in the countries you’re visiting as not all devices support all frequencies. In the UK there are 5 different frequencies used by mobile networks to provide 2G, 3G, and 4G, mobile services:

  •          800MHz (Band 20)
  •          900MHz (Band 8)
  •          1800MHz (Band 3)
  •          2100MHz (Band 1)
  •          2600MHz (Band 7)

For a more detailed explanation of UK mobile phone frequencies see this article:

The two best options to get mobile internet while travelling

If you already have mobile devices, and you are sure they are unlocked and they support the frequencies used in the country you’re travelling to, you can buy a data SIM. These are a simple solution and are available from local mobile phone shops. It’s important to double check that the local SIM provider supports the frequencies of your mobile device. You can check the frequencies used in other countries by opening: )

When buying your local SIM you need to ask the seller for your APN settings. You will have to enter these settings into your mobile device. For information on how to do this read this article:

The alternative, and by far the easier option, is to take a World Data SIM with you to get mobile internet while travelling.

The WorldSIM data roaming SIM card slashes the cost of data roaming worldwide, while freeing you from the restrictions of using wi-fi. It offers great benefits, such as 4G speeds where available, and it could reduce your data roaming charges by as much as 95%. Learn more about the WorldSIM at:

Antenna & SIM Internet Set for Travel and Holiday

There is one more problem you may come across while traveling or going on holiday. You can’t predict the reception in the places you are visiting. To overcome this you should consider taking a small antenna with you to help you to get a better signal should you encounter problems.  There are many combinations and solutions, but to make it simple offers a bundle of Huawei E5787 MiFi with a compact antenna and WorlsSIM card.

The Huawei E5787 Mobile Wi-Fi Touch can support up to 10 wireless users for internet access, and has a strong battery of 3000mAh. We highly recommend the set, with both SIM and antenna, as you’re assured excellent reception. The Huawei E5787 can work for up to 12 hours and has a standby time of up to 600 hours. Read more at:

Alternative solution for cars, buses, motor homes, caravans, and boats is a bundle of Huawei E8377 with sticker antenna and WorldSIM.

This mobile Internet device is designed to connect in-car entertainment devices, navigation tools, and other gadgets, to superfast mobile internet whilst travelling. Complete with sticker antenna and International 4G data SIM card, it’s perfect for cars, motor homes, caravans, boats, holidays and international travel. 

See how you can make the most of your travel time with the World Travel SET Car-Fi Router + Antenna + SIM Card:


If you still unsure and need advice don’t hesitate to contact one of our advisors before your trip.


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